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Re: lintian/tcpquota

On 15 Feb 1998, Ulf Fredriksson wrote:

> I just uploaded the new version of TCPQuota (1.6.11) which
> should fix most of the lintian bugs...
> I have some questions though:
> 1. E: tcpquota: binary-without-manpage tcpquotaconfig
>    E: tcpquota: binary-without-manpage verifytcpquota
>    These are used by the postinst script and by cron to
>    verify that the daemon is up and running... They are
>    not 'user binaries'. Should they realy have manpages?

No, but then they shouldn't be in /usr/sbin. Perhaps you should place them
into /usr/lib/tcpquota.

> 2. E: tcpquota: debmake-templates-in-copyright
>    I'm the author (one of them any way) and this is our
>    copyright (GPL)... ?

The problem is that the copyright file still contains the text `<fill in
ftp site>' and `<Must follow here>'. Since the actual copyright is already
included in your file, I propose to simply remove these text pieces.

> 3. W: tcpquota: relative-conffile etc/cron.weekly/tcpquotad
>    W: tcpquota: relative-conffile etc/init.d/tcpquotad
>    W: tcpquota: relative-conffile etc/tcpquota/tcpquota.cf
>    I read in some of the new-maintainer docs before I became
>    a developer that that was the way, use relative paths...
>    When I create the package, it should install in 'debian/tmp/....'
>    NOT '/etc'... That's why I used relative, because when the install
>    is taking place, it is installed in '/etc'... Explanation
>    wanted please...

Please check out the Policy Manual, section 3.3.5 for details.

Links into /etc and /var should be absolute, all others relative.



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