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Re: i

'Marcus Brinkmann wrote:'
>On Wed, Feb 11, 1998 at 02:19:22PM +0100, joost witteveen wrote:
>> In an attempt to save the world from disaster, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
>> [about cris-cust]:
>Here is the description of christ-cust:
>Description: Christoph's Preferred Customizations
> This package configures a debian system according to my liking.
>  - Install the "l" script which lists the contents of directories
>  - Install the "i" scirpt which establishes an IRC connection with
>    a debian support channel.
>I see no good reason for such a package. Until somebody has strong reasons
>for the usefulness of such packages, I will object against those sort of
>packages in the main distribution.

I agree.  Let's remove chris-cust from the distribution.  Another
reason is that when I'm ready to release my chris-cust package, there
will be war :)

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