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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before freezing Hamm

> But how many more packages will need it? emacs can't be the only
> package with this problem!

Actually, it appears to have been emacs, a couple of window managers,
(and possibly netscape?  something that needed a binary edit.  You can
check the logs too :-)  It wasn't all that many things.

*because* of the combination of libc6 causing the *stable* 1.3 emacs
(not just a random unstable one) to break [yes, yes, it's a bug in the
emacs package, but the user isn't going to *care*, see] and the fact
that emacs is changing names, which may confuse things a little, I'd
be happier if libc6 had the conflict... just because it is so heavily
used.  I won't argue further for it; just think of the end user,
when deciding...

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