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Re: ldconfig & lintian

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Joey Hess wrote:

> I noticed that lintian reports errors like these about calling ldconfig in
> the postinst:
> W: nextawg: postrm-calls-ldconfig
> The packaging manual says:
>    If you do the above your package does not need to call ldconfig in its
>    maintainer scripts. It is especially important not to call ldconfig in
>    the postrm or preinst scripts in the case where the package is being
>    upgraded (see Details of unpack phase of installation or upgrade,
>    section 6.3), as ldconfig will see the temporary names that dpkg uses
>    for the files while it is installing them and will make the shared
>    library links point to them, just before dpkg continues the
>    installation and removes the links!
> nextawg, xaw3dg, and I think xaw95g (and the non-g packages too), all do
> call ldconfig in the postrm (they have to, or things break), but they only
> call it on removal or purge. Take a look at the postinst's. I think we need
> another lintian override here.

Overrides are no problem, I'll add these.

Note, that the idea of such lintian warnings is to make the maintainers
re-check the setup of their packages. Especially, for new maintainers this
is important. ldconfig can be dangerous when called in the postrm (see
above) so I think it's good if we have these cases `approved' by the
maintainers by this procedure. 



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