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Re: package name differs from source name

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Michael Meskes wrote:

> How do I correctly handle this? For instance my moxftp source creates a
> package xftp, but as lintian told me I have the copyright file under
> /usr/doc/moxftp/copyright which is incorrect as the package is named xftp.
> Now this dir is created by debstd by looking into the changlog file where I
> list moxftp (2.2-4). However, changing this to xftp causes dpkg-gencontrol
> to moan:
> error: source package has two conflicting values - moxftp and xftp
> So what's the correct way?
You should have only one source paragraph in the control file, but you can
have many package paragraphs. The paragraph for xftp should start with:
Package: xftp, have adequate dependency lines, and end with a description.
When your rules file calls dpkg-gencontrol you need to give it the -pxftp
parameter and all should work as expected.


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