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Re: updated lintian reports

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

    Christian> I've just updated the web page again! The report pages
    Christian> contain a detailed discription about each lintian tag
    Christian> now, together with hyper links to the policy manuals
    Christian> and tips how to fix the bugs! I hope you enjoy this :-)

Thanks! What a great idea. :)

    Christian> As I didn't spent much time on proof-reading the tag
    Christian> descriptions yet, please tell me about any typos or
    Christian> other problems. Please also tell me if you think the
    Christian> descriptions could be improved, etc.

Well, I'm still getting this warning:

  W: libforms0.86: shlib-without-dependency-information

But this is for a package that is binary-only upstream. Do I need to
mail the upstream source requesting a -lc in the Makefile? I can't fix
this warning myself.

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