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Re: Unknown lintian warning

On 11 Feb 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> I have this lintian warning on libforms0.86:
> libforms0.86 (0.86-3)
>  W: libforms0.86: shlib-without-dependency-information
> usr/lib/libc5-compat/libforms.so.0.86
> What does that mean? This is the shlibs file for libforms0.86:
> libforms 0.86 libforms0.86
> and it is correct, as the soname for libforms is 0.86.

if you run ldd over the lib, you'll see that it reports `statically
linked', which means, that the shared lib does not include dependency

Explicitely linking the lib with `-lc' (and possible other libraries that
are used) should fix this.



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