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Re: Using hamm? READ THIS about /usr/spool and related links...

Santiago Vila Doncel <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> FYI: I have just sent this to debian-user.

> Everything that the FSSTND and the FHS says about the symlink
> /usr/spool -> /var/spool is that it "may be present" (but it is not
> mandatory).

> It also says "Once a system no longer requires any one of the above
> symbolic links, the link may be removed, if desired."

> Well, our goal for Debian 2.0 is obviously to comply with the standards,
> so we *must* modify all our software to use /var/spool and not /usr/spool.

> But then: How will we know which programs do not use /var/spool yet?
> The answer is very simple: Just remove the symlinks and see which programs
> break. Of course, this has to be done in *unstable*, where every
> program may break.

A good start would be:

  for i in /usr/bin/*; do 
    if strings $i | grep /usr/spool; then echo $i >>/tmp/LIST; fi

>From this (on my system), I get:



  for i in `cat /tmp/LIST`; do dpkg -S $i; done


  cfengine: /usr/bin/cfengine
  dosemu: /usr/bin/dos
  dosemu: /usr/bin/dosexec
  dpkg: /usr/bin/fax not found.
  mailagent: /usr/bin/mailagent
  metamail: /usr/bin/mailserver
  ncftp: /usr/bin/ncftp
  dist: /usr/bin/packinit
  dosemu: /usr/bin/xdos

Some of these are false alarms (the string occurs in shell script


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