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Re: Portable equivalent of "type -p"?

[You (Jeff Sheinberg)]
>jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl writes:
> > Is there a portable (POSIX) way of determining which binary will be called
> > for a particular command?

>According to "Unix for the Impatient", 2nd Edition, by Abrahams and
>Larson, p. 128:
>    An alternative to "which" is the POSIX command `command -v' (see
>    Section 5.10.1)

Which doesn't work with 'ash', of course.  'ash' isn't really a very good /
bin/sh, if by /bin/sh we mean a POSIX 1003.2 compliant shell.  I almost
think you'd do better with bash invoked as 'sh'.  'ksh' seems pretty POSIX
compliant too.

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