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Re: kernel-headers-* for different archs (was Re: What's Debian's /usr/src policy)

>>"Eric" == Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

Eric> I'm using kernel-package to build kernel-{image,headers} for
Eric> sparc since a week.  I did several fixes especially to use silo
Eric> instead of lilo at installation time.  I will file a bug against
Eric> it as soon as I'll sure they will be almost error prone.  I
Eric> didn't have enough time to test it extensively as I'm also
Eric> working on boot disks for sparc...

	There was someone esle wh mentioned silo, but nothing came of
 it since I did not have any information about silo, and I can't test
 it at all personally. However, if anyone contributes patches, and/or
 documentation for silo, I shall be happy to include it into


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