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Re: over 30000 bugs in our archive (!)

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, David Welton wrote:

> I've got a question, which I'll post to the list in the hope that it
> will shed light on similiar reports that other people have received.
>  E: epic: binary-without-manpage ircflush.epic
>  E: epic: binary-without-manpage ircserv.epic
>  E: epic: binary-without-manpage ircserv.epic
>  These just don't have man pages..  Is there some way to include taht
> in the packaging information so that the various scripts will overlook
> it?

First of all, are these user callable commands are just internal commands?
(Sorry, but I don't know this package.) If they are called by the user or
sysadmin, they should have a manpage. If there is none and noone has time
to write one you could file a bug report against your package and install
symbolic link pointing to undocumented.7.gz instead of the manpages.
Lintian will automatically recognize this.

If these are just `internal' binaries, you should move them into
/usr/lib/epic (or similar).

>  E: epic: md5sums-lists-nonexisting-file DEBIAN/md5sums
>  E: epic: md5sums-lists-nonexisting-file DEBIAN/postinst
>  E: epic: md5sums-lists-nonexisting-file DEBIAN/postinst
> How does one get this?  I'm using rules files generated with debmake,
> so everything ought to be pretty standard... no?

There once was a buggy debmake release which exactly produces this bug.
Just recompile the package with a newer debstd (debmake) and everything is
fine again.



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