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package bo-upgrade

Reasons for packaging it:

1. The bug system can be used to file bugs against it.

2. The autoup script is floating around freely on the net and different
   people have fixed things in it and never announced much to the Debian people.
   This is a way of centralizing development
   in the formal ways designed by the Debian Project and allowing other
   developers to introduce changes.

3. The script did not do a complete job. It did not clean up the utmp/wtmp issue. This could
   easily be fixed though.

4. The package can use dependencies to restrict installation to where its applicable (not
   done yet). Might use other features.

4. The bo-upgrade functionality is important and announcement of changes should
   be made on the proper channels.

5. People are used to upgrading by getting a *.deb and installing that. Running
   a script is not debian style. I have heard
   "Their package manager was not able to handle the upgrade" etc.

Remco Blaakmeer <remco@Cal011205.student.utwente.nl> wrote:
: On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Christoph Lameter wrote:

:> The reboot feature in bo-upgrade is something that is rather worrysome, 
:> you
:> are right.
:> The problem is if you do not reboot immediately then you will have
:> corrupted utmp/wtmp entries and they are hard to get rid of without
:> additional reboots. Some systems I had to boot three times before they
:> finally started showing clean utmp/wtmp entries. Maybe that is just
:> because I am as dumb as the users. The automatic reboot solves that issue.
:> I am certainly open for better ways to deal with the problem.
:> And yes. It is better to put the package outside of the main
:> distribution. It should not be selectable with dselect. Where can I put it
:> so that people can find it and how do I upload such a package?

: If you're not putting it in the main distribution, then what's the use of
: making a package that runs the script? Everything the package does can be
: done by the script. And if the user is supposed to install the package
: manually and not with dselect, I think packaging the script will only
: complicate things.

: Remco

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