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Re: Intent to package bo-upgrade (autoup.sh)

On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> I intend to create a new package bo-upgrade which is based on StormCrows
> autoup.sh script. It can be installed on a bo system and will upgrade the
> system so that dselect can do the rest of the update.

uh, actually it's my script, not scott's. and a lot of other people have
contributed to it too.

i think that making a package of it is a BAD idea because it is too prone to
failure, especially user error.

the script was written to be manually executed by the user....and also
to be modified for use on the hamm cd-rom when we're ready to build one.

hopefully, the dselect wrapper (for selecting pre-defined install
sets) will be written before hamm is released, so it could be either
incorporated into the wrapper pipeline there or merged into the wrapper

> Theory of operation:
> 1. Postinst makes sure all files needed for the upgrade are present and
> runs a nohup job waiting for dpkg to finish processing.
> 2. When dpkg has finished processing the waiting background job does the
> upgrade of all necessary packages in the correct order.

this is precisely why it shouldn't be a package.  it should be run BEFORE
the dselect stage of the hamm upgrade.

this would also leave a useless package (autoup or bo-upgrade or whatever
you call it) in the status file.  it's a use-once and throw away utility -
it shouldn't clutter up /var/lib/dpkg. 

> 3. It cleans wtmp/utmp, deinstalls the bo-upgrade package and reboots.
> I am not keen on maintaining such a package but will do so if no one else
> volunteers. In fact if someone else has plans just go ahead.

of course, the script IS public domain so you can do whatever you like
with it.  I'm against the idea of turning it into a package.


craig sanders

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