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Re: dpkg-ftp for testing

In article <199802061546.QAA00830@ppp37.a2points.com> you write:
>A new pre-release is available on master in ~dirson/.  This time,
>people with firewalls may want to test it.

what happend to dpkg-ftp 1.5.0 ?
i'm useing it for several months, and i'm very happy.
the bugs i found are :
 - don't use python unless explizit requested by user. existens of
   DISPLAY isn't enough.
 - give a default vars file, or catch the error, if that file does not
 - every time you do anything with tcp : timeouts can occour.
 - implement "delete only obsolete files" 

but after hacking away the dpkg-ftp-x calls, createing a vars file,
and when retying when timeouts occour - it works great !
it will replace all access methods ? it can do this, and i would like


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