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Re: Totally off-topic - New Pixar movie?

On 7 Feb 1998 bruce@va.debian.org wrote:

> Yes, we just announced that TS2 would be a feature rather than a videotape.
> A Bug's Life has been announced for a while. We announced some cast members,
> search for Pixar in the news if you are interested in that. The most
> exciting thing is that we are now producing a movie a year rather than
> every two years.

BTW, did someone thought of a code-name for Debian 2.1 already? We'll need
that as soon as "hamm" is frozen and this might be in a few weeks I guess.

AFAIR, we always took the name from a charactor of a Pixar movie... Any
ideas? ("woody" has already been discussed for Debian 2.0 but has been



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