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Re: RFD : libg++/gcc/egcs upgrades needed for libc6

In an attempt to save the world from disaster, Jim Pick wrote:
> Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
> > I just recieved the following from "upstream". It appears that an upgrade
> > to gcc_2.8.0 and a switch from libg++_2.7.2.8 to libstdc++_2.8 will
> > resolve some of the problems currently related to libc6.
> Just another data-point.  According to Linus and Alan Cox on the
> linux-kernel mailing list, gcc 2.8.0 is broken.  There are problems
> compiling the 2.0.33 kernel with it

Yes, we know. But that is (or rather must be) completely unrelated
to libg++ problems. Those optimisation of asm statements doesn't
have very much relation with libg++, and whenever gcc is fixed to
do what the documentation says (and what the old behaviour was), we
will probably still have to upgrade libg++. 

> - due to bugs or undocumented changes
> in behaviour.

Rather: due to sudden optimisation in places where the documenation
(apparently unintentionally) says no optimisation will be done.

> Best to wait for 2.8.1 before putting it into hamm, I think.

gcc-2.8.0 is in experimental at the moment

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

The upstream maintainer is allowed to do things different 
than Debian, but only if he has good reasons to do so.

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