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Re: Which Linux distribution???

On Fri, 6 Feb 1998, John Spence wrote:

> One interesting point: I've noticed that it is very common for people to
> move to Debian after using other distributions.  I would make a guess and
> claim that there aren't too many people who migrate from Debian to another
> dist after using Debian for at least a couple of months.

How.... true. I agree 100% with that statement. 

But.... could it be possible that Debian will support some sort of
GUI admin. tool? just like Redhat's control panel. maybe someone could
port this thing to Debian.

This GUI admin tool has:
1. Printer Configurator.(easy to add printers locally, remote or using smb.)
2. Network Configurator.(adding virtual hosts and/or dialup to an ISP.) 
3. Package Management. (sorta like a graphical dselect.)
4. Apache Configurator. (add virtual web hostings, etc.)
5. File System Configurator. (mount/unmounts filesystems and NFS.)
6. Runlevel Editor. (Edit the runlevels of the system.)
7. User & group configurator. (Add,delete or lock users/groups.)
8. Time Machine. (Change the Time or Date Grahically.)

Hell, it's so easy to dialup to an ISP using this thing, we could then
elimanate maybe 20% of the topic here in debian-user mailing list about
how to connect to an ISP. :)

I think, that's one strength of Redhat compared to Debian.

Webmin and Linuxconf has the same idea. Maybe we could tinker with it and
start from there.

Any Ideas?


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