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Re: splitting experimental by arch?

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

Raul> "Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes: [rather
Raul> than a bunch of quotes, I'll just recap the points I think I
Raul> got: "Experimental" is for dangerous packages and those with
Raul> wild machine interface changes.  Packages should be moved from
Raul> "Experimental" to "Unstable" when the package is ready, as
Raul> opposed to some phase in Debian's release schedule.]
Raul> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
>> I think you got that wrong. Experimental is for experimental
>> packages, some of which also happen t be dangerous. I agree about
>> the movement out to unstable.

Raul> I'm not sure what you mean.

Raul> What's an example of a package that is not dangerous to system
Raul> integrity, and doesn't have wildly different interfaces than
Raul> before yet should be included in "Experimental"?

	That's easy. Take deity. It is not dangerous, but it does not
 do anything (yet) either, and ti definitely is not full funcionality
 yet. It was put in experimental so that people could experiment with
 it, and comment on the usability of the GUI.

	The authors don't want any bugs reported on it, and definitely
 do not want to feild questions about it on debian-user.

	Another example is an innocuous package that depends on
 another (possibly dangerous) experimental package.

	Why this campaign against innovation in Debian? (and unstable
 is really a release in the making, any innovation in there has to be
 restrained and controlled).


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