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Re: shameless advice request

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
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> Okay, this is probably not the right place to ask this, since
> we've got a lot of wizards in here I'll just go ahead..
> We're about to setup a proxy server for our whole university.
> Currently we're thinking about a PC running Linux with squid.
> My question is this: we need to support about 750 simultanious
> users, probably more in the future. What kind of hardware would
> we need for that? Anyone in here with experience with proxy-servers
> on this scale?
> It would be fun to see if we can outclass Sun on this one :)

I would think that a p5-200 or pII-300 with as much memory as you
can cram in it (>128MB).. and a nice fast drive for the cache.
You'll also need to patch the kernel for lots of files.. There was
a discussion on one of the ISP mailing lists. I'll see if I can dig up
anything remaining on my system about it.


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