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Re: web address in control file

> What do we want this field for ?  Do we want programs to be able to
> read and use it ?  If so, which programs ?  Do we want the user to be
> able to see it ?  If so, users who install the package, users who
> browse the package listing, or users who install the source ?
> When we have answered these questions we will know whether to have
> this field and where to put it.
One reason to standardize the location and format of this information
is so users can access this information without downloading the entire
package. Not everything in the world should go into the Packages files
as they are getting quite large. The contents file was one location

If this information was available in an easy to parse form it could be
included in our Packages pages on the web, for example.

> I'm not resistant to the idea of having a field for this.  I think
> it's a reasonably good idea, unlike the proposed upstream author field
> (which would just annoy upstream authors, if we gave their address at
> least).
Agreed about upstream author field. The package maintainer should filter
bug reports before sending them upstream.

> Perhaps this discussion should be on debian-policy ?
Hopefully Christian Schwarz will comment. There has already been
discussion on this but there is a holdup on implementation (whichever
solution was decided on) due to the relevant developer(s) being busy.

- Jay

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