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Re: a sort of free software greenhouse

Tyson Dowd wrote:
> As a side note, there are already some sites that exist to provide
> similar services (althought not just for DFSG software).  
> >From my web page for free software resources which is still under
> development:
> http://linuxware.com
> 	LinuxWare provide cheap shell accounts, web space, 
>         and other services for Linux developers.

Heh.. these guys couldn't handle that.. they are on a 28.8 modem link.
They are the group that also had the 1st report of being infected with
the BLISS virus. They may have good intentions, but not the experience
to manage a stable site. They are local to me. I hear from the linux
community. I'm not badmouthing them, just making an observation.


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