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Re: a sort of free software greenhouse

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> As for everything else I see no technical problems. We can provide virtual
> hosting of mailing lists on va. Each group could get a single login. That
> login will have it's public_html mapped to group.debian.org or their own
> domain (and www.debian.org/~group of course). This would have to be
> http/1.1 virtual domaining though because we don't have real virtual ips
> to give out.

The only problem with that is the older browsers will yack on that. Does
lynx work with the ipless VDs?

> Similary we can use qmail to feed all mail from a virtual domain
> (group.debian.org) into ~group/mail which will allow them to setup their
> own .qmail files to handle their lists with, we could even install one of
> the ez list managers I have seen floating around. I don't know how the
> archiving would work, but presumably that is also a simple program? 

I have exim (which is free :) ) set up so that the users of the domain
can edit their own aliases file. It's simple enough, and it works.


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