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Re: a sort of free software greenhouse

On 1 Feb 1998 bruce@va.debian.org wrote:

> A number of small projects have been asking for essentially the same
> services we've been offering GNOME or Berlin:
> 	A CVS server.
> 	Some space on our web site.
> 	Anonymous FTP.

We have talked about this a few times on IRC, and someone raised the
interesting point that it might not be nice to 'sublet' space on our
servers considering they are donated - since you are proposing this I
assume the donators will not mind :>

As for everything else I see no technical problems. We can provide virtual
hosting of mailing lists on va. Each group could get a single login. That
login will have it's public_html mapped to group.debian.org or their own
domain (and www.debian.org/~group of course). This would have to be
http/1.1 virtual domaining though because we don't have real virtual ips
to give out.

Similary we can use qmail to feed all mail from a virtual domain
(group.debian.org) into ~group/mail which will allow them to setup their
own .qmail files to handle their lists with, we could even install one of
the ez list managers I have seen floating around. I don't know how the
archiving would work, but presumably that is also a simple program? 

CVS is a bit more tricky.. We might be able to patch the remote cvs loader
or something. The big trick here is that we do not want group X to have
permissions to check into group Y's cvs tree and we want to allow group X
to control who as checkin permissions on group X's tree (and probably
locate the tree in ~)

We would want to create a 'cvs' and 'ftp' alias for va as well. It is also
within our power to provide limited backup of their cvs tree's (I have one
running for GNome already onto va).

Also - we should be able to use at least the cvs services for our own
project, like boot-floppies, dpkg and deity. I will re-read the cvs
protocol again and see what I can make of it.. The goal would be to allow
user controlled cvs dirs in ~. 


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