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Re: dpkg development and gettext

Nicol1s Lichtmaier <nick@feedback.net.ar> writes:
> Note that only the utilities for creating the "message catalogs"
> need to be taken from experimental, as libc6 includes the gettext
> library functions.

First, please excuse my ignorance of i18n issues.  This is something
in which I have no direct experience, and I would hope to draw on our
international developers for some guidance here.
So, are the message catalogs the .po files that so many programs seem
to generate these days?  Are these things that, like, say, configure,
where it's generally accepted that the author will include
pre-compiled copies, so the only people needing the utils are people
doing active hacking?

If so, and if I can engineer things so that the sources are done in
such a manner, then I, at least, will feel more sanguine about keeping 
the i18n support in all the time.

> And I think we should be distributing the gettext utils in main, if
> it cannot be distributed it's non-free software, and we can't have
> bash/fileutils/etc.. build process depending on non-free software
> that we can't distribute.

Well, tar seems to be i18n'd, and it doesn't require one to have
gettext---it might be that the only issue is that when hacking
messages one needs to have it, but that "well constructed" source
should include pre-compiled versions that should be adequate, in which 
case I'm less concerned.

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