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Re: dpkg development and gettext

On 1 Feb 1998, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> Now what I'd like to know is whether anyone knows of an easy recipe
> for making gettext support in dpkg optional---I'm really uncomfortable
> with the build of our primary tool being dependent on a package that
> we won't even officially release, but I'd rather not rip the gettext
> support out entirely unless there's no chance of it ever going gold.
> Opinions?  Code?

It is very simple, before you upload dpkg you type these commands (remove
them from the build script too)
  gettextize -f
  libtoolize -f
  automake -a

This is what all other upstream sources do and I think it should be okay
to include the gettext stuff inside the tarball of dpkg.  This way dpkg
does not need gettext, automake, autoconf, or libtool to build.


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