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Re: splitting experimental by arch?

>>"joost" == joost witteveen <joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

joost> In an attempt to save the world from disaster, Guy Maor wrote:
>> I once tried to propose one simple rule that a package can't go to
>> experimental unless there's already a version of it in unstable.  I
>> was extremely surprised at the very negative reaction, and I backed
>> down.

joost> Oh, that surprises me. I remember you posting that rule, but
joost> always assumed that it was `your final word', and didn't even
joost> realised a discussion followed:). I actually liked that simple
joost> rule. (I like simple things that I can remember -- there seem
joost> to be so little of those around any more).

	In that case, there should be an audit process in place and
 packages placed in unstable should never automatically be headed for
 stable, despite not having any bug reports filed.

	If I have a package that is not yet production quality, it may
 have bugs (that destroy your file system, for example), but I need to
 distribute it so a few people with their eyes open can critique it
 and help fix any bugs, I distribute it to experimental.

	That, in my opinion, is what the distribution is for.

	The opposing argument is that this is a new package, and if
 people load it, it is caveat emptor.

	I disagree. Packages in stable should be tested and be close
 to production quality. If the package is experimental in the authors
 eyes, it should not be handed to users even if we know of no bugs

	This is a quality of distribution issue.

	I think this well may be the time to diffrentiate experimental
 by architecture, though.

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