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a sort of free software greenhouse

A number of small projects have been asking for essentially the same
services we've been offering GNOME or Berlin:

	A CVS server.
	Some space on our web site.
	Anonymous FTP.

We got a real nice public thank-you for offering CVS te GNOME, and it will
continue to help us to do this for other projects. We look good and we get
more free software. What I'd like to know is if we can set it up so that it's
easy to do, and so that we don't have to give out shell logins to do it.
Most of the work should probably run on va.debian.org, master is rather
heavily loaded.

I would like to offer this in general to software projects that agree to
develop and use only software that passes the DFSG. Call it the Free Software

One more thing that we could potentially offer would be list service.



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