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Re: Preparing upload for non-maintainer dpkg-ftp

Here's some advocacy ;)

Buddha Buck writes:
 > > * 1.5.1 is still unusable for dialout boxes,

Yes, I should have written "pay-per-minute dialout" ;)

 > I use 1.5.1 from a dialout box when I'm at home.  I don't have a 
 > problem with it.  Of course, I don't pay for my connection by the 
 > minute, either.  Is the annoying fact that it crashes if the connection 
 > fails at any time why it's unusable for you?

The main reasons are:

* it does lots of computing while online (scanning local Packages
files), which old dpkg used to do, but doesn't any more (guess why)

* it refuses to run "install" if the Packages files are not
up-to-date. This wastes bandwidth, and is not necessary when you
already fetch those Packages files 3 times a week

There are some more, that I reported to Klee at the time he published
1.5.1, and that he acknowledged, but I didn't hear much from him since
that time :(

 > And how does your version compare in terms of useability to 1.5.1?  I 
 > -like- 1.5.1 myself.

Yes, 1.5.1 has a host of cool features.  Compared to that, my version
is only an improved version that will be mostly useful to those who
pay per minute for their dialout line. See the changelog entry I
posted, there's no more than what I wrote.

Note, I only implemented recently the "graceful ftp-error handling"
for "install", and I'm thinking of making "update" do that too. That
should be trivial.

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