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Re: Gzipped .dvi files?

On 30 Jan 1998, Davide G. M. Salvetti wrote:

> >>>>> "CS" == Christian Schwarz.
> CS> doc-base will then check for a global /etc/doc.conf file (or something
> CS> like that) and, depending on the setup, either
> CS> a) remove the .dvi.gz files completely since the sysadmin don't want
> CS> any .dvi files at all, or
> What will doc-base do if the sysadmin suddenly change her mind about
> having dvi files on her system, if it's going to remove dvi.gz files
> completely?

Reinstall the packages. (Sorry, but I don't know a better solution yet. If
you do, please tell me.)

> It may be better to ask maintainers to tell doc-base if and how dvi's
> could be regenerated from installed sources.
> I think providing gzipped sources (i.e. (La)TeX(Info)|SGML|... files) in
> the packages and letting doc-base decide what to do with them (at install
> time or whatever) may be an option.  (Doc-base should be told at least how
> to produce raw text files from sources).

This is a planned feature, but I doubt it will ever work for (La)TeX. 
(There are way to many macro packages etc. for this.) 

The texinfo->info conversion, as sgml->{ps,text,html} are simplier and
will eventually be implemented.

Anyways, I'm still looking for volunteers to work on this area. My time
for doc-base is limited, so I'll only implement some important features
myself.  If someone wants to help, please drop me a note. 



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