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Re: Gzipped .dvi files?

>>>>> "CS" == Christian Schwarz.

CS> doc-base will then check for a global /etc/doc.conf file (or something
CS> like that) and, depending on the setup, either

CS> a) remove the .dvi.gz files completely since the sysadmin don't want
CS> any .dvi files at all, or

What will doc-base do if the sysadmin suddenly change her mind about
having dvi files on her system, if it's going to remove dvi.gz files

It may be better to ask maintainers to tell doc-base if and how dvi's
could be regenerated from installed sources.

I think providing gzipped sources (i.e. (La)TeX(Info)|SGML|... files) in
the packages and letting doc-base decide what to do with them (at install
time or whatever) may be an option.  (Doc-base should be told at least how
to produce raw text files from sources).


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