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Re: Readline will not bind some function keys in xterm

On 98/01/26 at 11:36 AM +0100, Peter Tobias wrote: 

> On Jan 25, Victor Torrico wrote:
> > Hello All,
> > 
> > Am running all the latest hamm packages.
> > 
> > All twelve function keys bind properly when using the console or when in X using
> > rxvt.  Only F5 through F12 will bind when in X using an xterm.  F1 through F4
> > just give a beep when pressed.  Am using terminfo xterm-xf86-v33.  Have tried
> > other terminfos with the same result.  Don't know if this is a problem in
> > readline, ncurses terminfo stuff, xterm or somewhere else.
> Your window manager probably uses the keys F1 - F4. If you want to use
> these keys you have to disable them in the window manager config file.

After reading manuals and checking web robots I finally found the information I
needed to get all twelve function keys operating properly.  Instead of using
readline to bind the function keys I put the following key translation
information in my personal xterm resource file called ~/XTerm along with the
other xterm resources that I use.

XTerm.VT100*Translations: #override \
	<Key>F1:	string("Function Key 1")\n\
	<Key>F2:	string("Function Key 2")\n\
	<Key>F3:	string("Function Key 3")\n\
	<Key>F4:	string("Function Key 4")\n\
	<Key>F5:	string("Function Key 5")\n\
	<Key>F6:	string("Function Key 6")\n\
	<Key>F7:	string("Function Key 7")\n\
	<Key>F8:	string("Function Key 8")\n\
	<Key>F9:	string("Function Key 9")\n\
	<Key>F10:	string("Function Key 10")\n\
	<Key>F11:	string("Function Key 11")\n\
	<Key>F12:	string("Function Key 12")\n
Of course I replace ("Function Key x") with a useful string such as:
("find / -iname '*'")  which saves me a lot of typing.  (You need the
parentheses and the double quotes.)

Thanks again for your help.

Victor Torrico

          ------ Wildflower Hill, Head Waters, Virginia ------

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