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Re: Package unions

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Eduardo Marcel Macan wrote:

> 	Oh, sorry, I think I have misunderstood your Idea, yeah this would
> be nice, I think it would be better If this could be choosen _before_
> running dselect, during installation time, if the user does not want one
> of the "standard" setups he/she then goes to dselect, and even better if
> dselect could browse one section at a time IMHO.
Right.  That makes sense.  The issue was back-burnered 'til the Diety team
gets a little further along,  because there's a chance that Diety might
include some support for this anyway.

> 	Turbo stated that this is  "educating" I do think so, but not at
> install time, the user wnats to have a running system, then , after that
Again,  exactly.  You want the darn thing up and running 'fore you play
with it too much.  Let's face it:  if you can't manage to read mail and
telnet someplace from the start,  you're not going to bother continuing to
play with it.


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