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Re: Lobby this, somebody

Arto Astala wrote
> We have a public relations problem here:
> Jose Manuel Cerqueira Esteves <jmce@titania.cii.fc.ul.pt> 
>  in http://www.de.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-user-9801/msg00465.html
> details his experiences in making a laptop work with Debian and tells
> about a service request he sent for OSS:
> > Greetings
> > 
[Description of the problem with OSS]

> which has spurred the following action:
>  in OSS Linux page http://www.4front-tech.com/linux-x86.html
> there is the following note:
> > Debian Linux installation Notes:
> >   The way how Debian handles kernel includes is seriously broken. 
> >   The only way to get OSS working is to make /usr/include/linux 
> >   and /usr/include/asm to be symbolic links to /usr/src/linux. 
In fact this is all a non-issue. I have a fully hamm system and the only
thing I need to do is to comment out their " sh ./check_shields.sh"
which is the one that really creates a problem. (Isn't it true that 
libc6 actually follows debians way of handling the includes?)

Once you do this is done, this thing works like a charm. I never bothered
to check what exactly in the check_shields.sh fails but can do it if needed.

Luis Francisco Gonzalez <luisgh@cogs.susx.ac.uk>
PGP Fingerprint = F8 B1 13 DE 22 22 94 A1  14 BE 95 8E 49 39 78 76

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