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Re: kernel headers---FAQ

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Santiago Vila wrote:
>> Sorry, but I still do not understand why splitting an important package in
>> two is a better technical solution than implementing a new Source header
>> for control files.
> There is no package splitting being done here! Libc6 aka glibc2 has no
> kernel headers in the source file at all!

you two are talking about different things. the source packages are
not split in two, but the binary packages are.

if i might summarize what i seem to have understood:

A: including the headers in the libc6 binary package
   would create a huge source diff, as they are not
   included in the libc6 source.
B: you can use a new source-control header to force the 
   recompilers to install the right kernel-header/-source 
   package at a defined place. this is done at compile-time.
   so the headers do not have to be included in the source 
   diffs, and the binary package can still include them.

on the other hand we seem to have a consensus that conflicts
_can_ arise with users who use /usr/src to keep their home-cooked
kernel sources there.

please correct me if i've misunderstood something.


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