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Re: kernel headers---FAQ

On 16 Jan 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> adavis> This time my confusion begins from having installed the new 
> adavis> libc6-dev package, which demands to have the kernel-headers-2.0.32
> adavis> and linux-kernel-source-2.0.32 installed.  I was able to install
> adavis> using --ignore-depends=linux-kernel-headers-2.0.32.
> I think that is a mistake. I have installed the latest
> kernel-headers-2.0.32 (a very small package) along with the libc6-dev
> package with nary a force required. You are doing something wrong
> here.

i ran into this problem myself.

there were a few days when libc6-dev wanted kernel-{headers,source}-2.0.32
version >= 2.0.32-3, and the -3 revisions were stuck in Incoming.

dselect popped up the dependancy resolution screen with *both*
kernel-headers and kernel-source (2.0.32-2) selected.  a bug in dselect

fortunately, i had a mirror of Incoming and just installed 2.0.32-3 and
ran dselect again.


craig sanders

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