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Re: lintian -- detecting hundrets of bugs within seconds...

>>"James" == James A Treacy <treacy@debian.org> writes:

James> Some tests, such as package overlaps, have to be run against
James> the entire distribution. Also, some people may not run the test
James> at home (we can't control the environment - we aren't Big
James> Brother) so running it on master is still important.

	Oh, definitely. I think lintian should be run at all feasible
 points on the upload trail. All _I_ was emphasizing was that the
 maintainers can help. They can run lintian at home, too, to whatever
 extent possible.

	We are not big brother -- but we still require our packages to
 confogrm to policy. If that seems too harsh to some one, then the
 project is probably a bad idea for them.

 Date: 26 May 90 00:00:37 GMT From: merlyn@iwarp.intel.com (Randal
 Schwartz) sub isplit { # &isplit(word,string) => array
 local($word,$_) = @_; local(@ind,@result,$start,$end); @ind = (0);
 s#$word#push(ind,length($`),length($`.$&)),$&#ieg; push(ind,length);
 @ind now has pairs of indicies (0-origin) into $_ that bound the
 non-$word items; convert into result: while (@ind) { $start =
 shift(ind); $end = shift(ind);
 push(result,substr($_,$start+$[,$end-$start)); } @result; } print
 &isplit("z","JzuZsztZ zaZnzoZtzhZezrZ zPZezrZlz ZhzaZczkZezrZ,");
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