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Re: Overlaps between bo and hamm

Richard Braakman wrote:
  >So if someone has bible-kjv 4.00-1 installed, and upgrades to
  >bible-kjv 4.00-5 and bible-kjv-text 4.00-5 in one dpkg run, it is
  >possible for dpkg to try to unpack bible-kjv-text first, while
  >bible-kjv 4.00-1 is still installed.
  >Since dpkg does check conflicts before unpacking, those can be used to
  >avoid problems with overlaps.  Another header that can be used is
  >Replaces, which tells dpkg that a particular overlap is safe and
  >proper.  In the case of bible-kjv, I think Replaces should be used.

The trouble is, bible-kjv-text and bible-kjv (>> 4.00-4) together make
up what was bible-kjv (<< 4.00-5); so I cannot use Replaces because I
would force dpkg to remove an essential part of the package pair. It seems
to me that Conflicts does the job properly.
  >This is also why postgresql-dev should conflict directly with postgres95,
  >rather than via its dependencies.
That I can do.

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