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Re: lintian -- detecting hundrets of bugs within seconds...

joost witteveen wrote:
> > 
> > I see the following options now:
> >    e) ...
> How much work would it be to tweak this into a (special) version of
> dpkg-dev? I'd love to have a dpkg-dev that would simply refuse to
> build any package that your scripts will later find errors in.

Hmm... the state of the debian/tmp tree just before dpkg-buildpackage
is run is pretty similar to the way lintian unpacks a package for
checking.  It might not be hard to run lintian over that.  (You could
make dpkg-buildpackage a little script that runs lintian first.)

However, it's probably just as easy to let dpkg build the debs and
then run lintian over those.

I do think that dpkg-dev programs like dpkg-gencontrol need to do a
lot more syntax checking, and the check code from lintian will probably
be easily adaptable for that.

> (As long as, as you claim, I'll be able to override the errors in
> my packages -- BTW what mechanism are you using for that?).

The tags are used for that.  If lintian produces
W: foo: strange-permissions 600 /etc/plaintext_passwords
then you can override the warning by using exactly that line.

Lintian will look for overrides in various places.  I don't think
we've decided exactly where yet (have we, Christian? ;-), but likely
locations are: the latest changelog entry, a control file in the .deb,
a file in the debian directory of the source package, a master file
for the whole archive (used by the policy manager).  Probably all of
those, depending on the way it's invoked.

Richard Braakman

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