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How to use boot-flopppies

Sorry to intrude on the developer's list, but I have Emailed the
maintainer of the boot-floppies package and posted to the debian-users
list all without any responses.  I figured that someone on the
developer's list should know about this and be able to help.

I have installed the boot-floppies and mkrboot packages, but cannot
find any documentation on how to use it.  The README tells me only to
modify the top of the Makefile and type "make".  Big help!!!  Is there
any other documentation that tells me what is going on, short of
reading and understanding everything in rescue.sh?  My goal is to make
a modified rescue disk with a custom smaller kernel and to
automatically load modules for my PCMCIA card at init time.

Any hints would be appreciated.  I am perfectly capable of reading
shell scripts but that is most time consuming and is not too helpful.
I need to understand how to modify the *contents* of what rescue.sh puts
on the floppies, not really how rescue.sh puts them there.  It appears
that this has to do with modifying some sort of "templating" system,
but I have not yet been able to find any info on what the template
rules are.


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