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ssh/amp copyright free enough? Also, intent to package amp

This is my announcement of my intent to package amp, another MPEG
audio player.

Just wondering whether the license is free enough (it says it's a copy
of ssh's license). Does it go in main or non-free?

This software can be used freely for any purpose. It can be distributed
freely, as long as it is not sold commercially without permission from
Tomislav Uzelac <tuzelac@rasip.fer.hr>. However, including this software
on CD_ROMs containing other free software is explicitly permitted even 
when a modest distribution fee is charged for the CD, as long as this
software is not a primary selling argument for the CD.

Building derived versions of this software is permitted, as long as they
are not sold commercially without permission from Tomislav Uzelac 
<tuzelac@rasip.fer.hr>. Any derived versions must be clearly marked as
such, and must be called by a name other than amp. Any derived versions
must retain this copyright notice.

/* This license is itself copied from Tatu Ylonen's ssh package. It does 
 * not mention being copyrighted itself :)

THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR THIS PROGRAM - whatsoever. You use it entirely
at your risk, and neither Tomislav Uzelac, nor FER will be liable for
any damages that might occur to your computer, software, etc. in
consequence of you using this freeware program.

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