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Re: ssh/amp copyright free enough? Also, intent to package amp

On 25 Jan 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> This software can be used freely for any purpose. It can be
> distributed freely, as long as it is not sold commercially without
> permission from Tomislav Uzelac <tuzelac@rasip.fer.hr>.


> However, including this software on CD_ROMs containing other free
> software is explicitly permitted even when a modest distribution fee
> is charged for the CD, as long as this software is not a primary
> selling argument for the CD.

nice, but doesn't make any difference.

> Building derived versions of this software is permitted, as long as
> they are not sold commercially without permission from Tomislav Uzelac
> <tuzelac@rasip.fer.hr>.


> /* This license is itself copied from Tatu Ylonen's ssh package. It does 
>  * not mention being copyrighted itself :)
>  */

copyright is implicit, it doesn't have to be declared. (but declaring
it is generally a good idea if you care about the copyright of your


craig sanders

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