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need help packaging php3


I've started to package php3 up, and I have some trouble with it. For
those who dont know what php3 is: it is a server side scripting language
for www, it can be used as a cgi, or as an apache module. It has support
for several databases, like postgresql, mysql, msql (just to mention those
which are available as debian packages)

I have managed to build a loadable apache module (mod_php3.so) without
rebuilding apache, so that is not a problem. The problem is that I'd
like it to support all the available databases while not linking it to the
database client libraries. This should be possible, because php itself
supports loadable modules, so if someone needed the postgresql functions,
he would just say dl("/usr/lib/php3/pgsql.so") in the beginning of his
php3 script.  But.. there is an error now with this dl, it says: 

   Fatal error: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php3/pgsql.so' -
   /usr/lib/php3/pgsql.so: undefined symbol: empty_string in
   /var/www/test.php3 on line 3

empty_string is a symbol which is defined in mod_php3.so

$ nm mod_php3.so | grep empty_string
00052a7c D empty_string

apache loads mod_php3.so with RTLD_GLOBAL, which means that all its global
symbols should be available to libraries loaded after that. There must be
something I am missing, just dont know what. Could someone help or
enlighten me ?

Anyway, if I use the pgsql.so module with the php cgi, it works


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