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Re: port 80 connections persist after closing Netscape

On Sat, Jan 10, 1998 at 08:57:32AM +0000, Oliver Elphick wrote:
> I use Netscape for browsing, diald for managing connections.
> When I close Netscape, I often find that connections on port 80
> suddenly get revived.  I can use dctrl to tell diald to close the call,
> and this terminates existing instances of port 80 connections.
> However, after a few seconds, they get revived again, even though there is
> no process running that should know about them or want to revive them.
> Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to stop it?

My diald queue (send SIGUSR2 to see it in the syslog) regularly
contains packets that were sent ages ago and are long since irrelevant.
diald keeps the link up anyway. My link has been up for days
even though there are 8 hour patches with no traffic, and it should
hang up after half an hour. If I restart diald it will start behaving
again fine.

Lately I've liked having the link up for days on end so I've left
ping running to keep the link up. But given long enough, diald
won't bring the link down anyway. It's most annoying. I can't
quite be certain enough to file a bug report though.


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