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Re: Emacsen proposal (assuming silence == acceptance)

>>>>> On 09 Jan 1998 20:25:17 -0500, Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> said:

 Rob> I'm assuming that since no one commented on this proposal, that
 Rob> no one objects.  So I'm going to move forward with this.  I can
 Rob> always back off later if there's a big problem, but I just
 Rob> wanted to make sure that there weren't any obvious problems (or
 Rob> a way around the Provides: emacsen instead of Provides: emacs
 Rob> issue) before I wasted too much time.  This issue is holding up
 Rob> the emacs20 package, though, so I want to move on now.

 Rob> I think Mark is willing to put the startup change into emacs 19,
 Rob> and if James is willing too, then we're set.  Until that's done
 Rob> I can just make emacsen-common conflict with xemacs, which I
 Rob> believe is no worse than the current situation.

I have no problem with it, but please don't make it conflict.  It
won't add anything and will just cause problems (as far as I
understand the proposal there are no overlapping files, so a conflict
won't do anything but add an artificial conflict).  The next version
of xemacs I put out after emacsen-common is out will just require that
package and that should be all that is needed.


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