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Re: Perl LWP method for dselect

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> I would be very interested in hearing your experiances with using HTTP for
> downloading .debs and the Packages file. I was hoping to use it as the
> prefered method with deity.

   Not much experience yet, as the code is less than a day old and there
are no HTTP accessible mirrors yet (prod prod).  I just downloaded some
files from nonus.debian.org through the cache at high speed, so they do
cache locally, even when the source is ftp.  HTTP should cache more
reliably (using If-Modified-Since GETs) rather than the heuristics of an
ftp cache.  HTTP/1.0 doesn't support partial retrieves (unlike ftp which
can continue an interrupted download), but HTTP/1.1 does.
   I suspect we'll get better cache hit rates if everyone in Australia
[the world?] uses the same sites (ftp.debian.org.au and nonus.debian.org),
rather than everyone picking a nearby site.  This way the caches will be
more likely to hold a local copy.  Most universities here are in the same
cache heirachy - so using common remote URL's will be cheaper than using
dispersed interstate URLs.  I don't think the smaller ISP's are as
organized (judging by their volume limits), but the larger ones may be.
More sophisticated hashing (HTTP/1.1?) in the caches might make this all


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