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Self Referencing depends


In my continuing testing of deity I have discovered a number of packages
that had/have a self referencing depends, ie:

Package: mh
Depends: libc5 (>= 5.4.0-0), mh (>= 6.8.4-11), ncurses3.0 

>From a bo system it seems libpaper, xpm4.7 and mh (at least) have this
problem. I don't know how dpkg allowed this to happen, deity's depends
code prevents a package from satisfying its own dependancies. 

This means packages formed like this will be considered broken by deity
and it will also complain quite abit if someone trys to install them.

I just want to be sure that this IS a packaging bug and not something done
deliberately. It looks like the packages I mentioned above are fixed in
hamm so this only effects bo users and upgrading..


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