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Re: Intent to split mysql package

On 22 Dec 1997, Scott Hanson wrote:

> I'd like to split up the mysql package into the following. Does anyone
> have any comments or suggestions?
> mysql-server 
> mysql-client (including libmysqlclient.so) 
> mysql-dev (header files and libraries)
> mysql-bench
> mysql-doc
> (The upstream source also includes perl libraries, but I'd rather
> package these from CPAN.)

The perl lib that's included in the mysql distribution is much different
from the DBI version from CPAN. I'm using the DBI version, but I guess
some people out there still use the mysql version. Perhaps we should keep
it in some mysql-perl package?

> This will allow one to do client-only or server-only installations. In
> addition, the mysql package is somewhat cumbersome as a whole, and the
> new upstream version is even worse, with added tests, benchmarks,
> crash-me scripts, etc.


> The server package will continue to be in non-free. The client is GPLd
> and can go into contrib, and I think the other sub-packages can go
> into contrib as well.

Well, there was a discussion on debian-policy some time ago about such a
setup. The problem is that all packages are built from a single source
package (I think) and that package will have to be in non-free. Thus, we
would not have full source for the contrib packages.

We haven't decided yet how to handle this situation.



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