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problem with libmime-perl_3.204-1.deb in hamm

I am in the process of upgrading my system to run current with hamm and
had a problem with the libmime-perl pkg relating to the libwww-perl pkg
that prevented both pkgs from configuring.

First libwww-perl requires libmime-base64-perl which does not exist. I
figured that libmime-perl provided this so I edited it's entry in
/var/lib/dpkg/status to reflect this. 

Then I discovered that libmime-perl depends on libwww-perl (which
depends on libmime-perl) hence running dpkg --pending --configure
segfaulted. I fixed this by removing the libmime-perl's dependancy on
libwww-perl from the status file.

Was this an error in the libmime-perl pkg, or did I make it work when it
shouldn't have??


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