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ports system (Re: Paranoia, "pristine sources", turnkeys, compiling, configuration)

From: Steve Dunham <dunham@cps.msu.edu>
Subject: Re: Paranoia, "pristine sources", turnkeys, compiling, configuration
Date: 18 Dec 1997 17:19:58 -0500

> Ahh, but judging from recent posts to USENET, "ports" seems to be more
> of a system for "source package" management than package management.
> And our source packaging could use some revamping anyways. (I'd like
> multiple .tar.gz files and multiple diff files, for example.)
> (As far as I can tell from USENET, their binary packages are similar
> to Slakware.)
> If anyone decides to work on a better source packaging system for
> Debian, they probably should look at "ports" for some ideas.

It is not better source packaging system, but I introduce "ports"
like system for Debian.  mtakechi@mail.at-m.or.jp, one of the Debian 
JP developers, has made a experimental package, debian-ports. 
You can get it from
and sample "ports" file in its subdirectory 'ports/'.
However its documentation is Japanese only, sorry.

This package provides only Makefile for pmake like *BSD ports system.
To install "ports",
  get tar.gz of original package file and put it in /usr/src/ports/distfiles/.
  extract "ports" in /usr/src/ports/.
  run "pmake" in the extracted directory and you can get "deb" file.
  install its "deb" file.

If you are interested in it, you may use it as the start point.
Fumitoshi UKAI / Debian JP Project

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