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Orphaning ftnchek and ratfor77.


After some years in the Debian project, although not so active as I
wished, I do not have the time and the motivation anymore to maintain
my packages:

* ftnchek: A semantic checker for Fortran 77 programs.
           Good shape. Just needs to be upgraded to newest upstream
           version and recompiled for libc6.

* ratfor77: A ratfor preprocessor.
            Needs some work. It still uses the *OLD* package format.
            The original author is unknown and the person who was
            maintaining this program doesn't have any interest on it
            anymore. Too bad because my patches to integrate ratfor
            with the GNU Fortran compiler (G77) where released in
            g77 version 0.5.21. g77 should suggest ratfor77 when the
            later gets fixed.
            I have made some changes to ratfor77 that were not still
            released. The next maintainer of this package (if any) can
            contact me for these.

If you have some question about these, please send me a private
e-mail. I'm not subscribed to the Debian mailing lists anymore.

Also, whom should I write to, in order to have my account at
debian.org canceled? I wrote an e-mail to new-maintainer, hope this
was the right thing.



 MULE is not the answer. MULE is the question and the answer is nil.

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